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Isn't it finally time to tell girls they’re smart?

In 2014, the American telecommunications company Verizon decided to raise awareness about an issue that, at first glance, appeared innocent. It was the stereotypical directions parents may unknowingly give to their female children which prevent the development of their potential in the crucial phases of growing up. Despite 66% of girls enjoying math and science in 4th grade, only 18% pursue these fields by the time they reach university. 

Let us support girls in their curiosity, interests, and creativity starting in childhood. Let them hold the drill if they like it and screw the dirty dress!

On International Women's Day in 2017, Microsoft decided to do something about the fact that only 7% of patents in the USA are owned by women. 

In the campaign, the company showed female role models and thus motivated young women and girls to become inventors. And in addition to that, Microsoft launched a support programme to encourage them.

If she can see her, she can be her. 

934 laureates and 28 organizations won the Nobel Prize between 1901 and 2020. 

Only 57 of them are women. 2 of them in economics, 4 of them in physics, and 7 in chemistry.



In 2020, the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to two women at once for the first time, biochemists for the development of the gene editing method – American Jennifer Doudna (left) and French Emmanuelle Charpentier (right). 


Image Credit: 
Jennifer A. Doudna. © Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Brittany Hosea-Small.
Emmanuelle Charpentier. © Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Bernhard Ludewig.

Read more about women who changed the world of science and get inspired:


Some great world female scientists will tell you more about their life and inventions:


Margaret Hamilton is an American computer scientist, a system engineer and an owner of several companies. She worked as a division manager of software engineering in the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory that developed the on-board flight software for the NASA Apollo programme that got a man to the Moon. Later, she founded two software companies.


Katie Bouman with piles of hard drives full of data of the first black hole pictures.

Katie Bouman was a grad student in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence at MIT. She managed a team to create an algorithm that lead to taking the first-ever picture of a black hole, located in the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, approximately 55 lightyears from Earth.

Watch her TED talk.


Marita Cheng is a CEO and founder of the Aubot company, a start-up focused on development of a robot designed for disabled people and for children with cancerous diseases. Children with such health issues could attend school thanks to this robot. She was also a co-founder of the Airpoly application that allows visually impaired people to recognize and name objects in real time. She has also founded the non-profit organization Robogoals that supports young women in the field of machinery. There have been more than 70,000 workshops all around the world thanks to Robogoals.

If you want to know more about women who change the world in the fields of science, technologies, machinery, and mathematics click here:


Mirka Uhnak sa dostala do rebríčka Forbes 30 pod 30 vďaka tomu, že vytvorila program Mini Tech MBA. Ide o semestrálny vzdelávací program v oblasti IT, určený špeciálne pre ženy, má ich motivovať a rozvíjať ich potenciál. Okrem znalosti technológií sa program zameriava aj na osobnostný a kariérny rast každej účastníčky. 


Program Budúcnosť INAK je 3-ročný mimoškolský program pre mladých vo veku od 11 do 15 rokov. Cieľom je podporovať ich digitálne zručnosti, tvorivosť a podnikavosť a pomôcť im tak zvýšiť šance na ďalšie kvalitné štúdium a v budúcnosti lepšie uplatnenie na trhu práce. 

Bonnie Ross, a videogames development engineer, and the vice president of the Xbox Game Studio manages the 343 Industries which develops the bestselling HALO franchise.

Úspešné firmy na Slovensku, ktoré vyvíjajú hry a podporujú mladých ľudí, aby sa k nim pridali, sa združujú v Slovak Game Developers Association. Lucia Šicková, spoluzakladateľka spoločnosti PIXEL FEDERATION, vysvetľuje, že aj na Slovensku existuje priestor realizovať sa v oblasti herného priemyslu.


The PIXEL FEDERATION company supports education and gladly shares their knowledge and experience. As a gaming company, they engage in programming, graphic design, game design, online marketing, analysis, community management, and many other crafts. Sign up at their MeetUps!

Women who helped to form the world of science and technology should be made more and more visible. We cannot afford to waste the potential and talent of half of our population. Let us inspire girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and double the number of those who can help the world. 

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